Advanced Diploma in Business Administration with Practicum

Advanced Diploma in Business Administration With VIP
  • Flexible monthly start dates to suit your study needs, certification goals, and schedule
  • Programs taught by industry professionals and highly qualified instructors
  • Completion of the program qualifies you for certification by the Canadian Institute of Management (CIM)
  • Strengthen your résumé with Canadian career experience in Business Administration

Program Description

Graduates of this 10 month program will receive a solid foundation in business administration. The program prepares students for the business world and future studies through a variety of courses. Learning is enhanced with classroom discussion, case studies, team projects and presentations.

The Business Administration program is comprised of five two-month certificates.

Graduates of this program are eligible to apply for the Certificate in Management and Administration from the Canadian Institute of Management.

Entry Requirements
  • Students who are interested in attending Greystone College must have completed (graduated from) their final year of general schooling.
  • International Students must demonstrate advanced level of English with our online written test and arranged speaking interview.

Note: The online written test is exempt if iBT 80, IELTS 6.5, or ILSC A1 is presented. The online written test is exempt if ILSC’s Business English Management Certificate, International Business English Certificate, or JOBS—Job Opportunity & Business Certificate is completed.

If an applicant fails to meet the minimum requirements, they cannot be waived by either the institution or the student.

Program Overview

Academic Studies

Complete the Advanced Diploma in Business Administration at Greystone College. Students will benefit from qualified instructors with years of experience in the industry. Classes are Monday to Thursday 9am to 2:30pm (one hour for lunch), and Friday 9am to 12pm.

Practicum Work Placement

Practicum Work Placements are unpaid positions. Greystone Practicum Coordinators will help prepare you for securing an unpaid placement, and will offer guaranteed interviews with potential employers in the field of Business Administra­tion.

Service / Placement Fee includes

Various types of pre-placement assistance including workshops on resume and cover letter writing, job hunting strategies, practice interviews to individual meeting advise on career development, and more.

Work Experience hours cannot exceed the study hours and the programs are designed to allow students to work an average of 21 to 27 hours per week. Volunteer positions vary depending on an employer’s needs, and the student’s English and professional skills. For some placements, the precise work experience position may be determined once they arrive at placement locations.

Program Length

40 weeks study + 8 weeks practicum placement + 2 weeks tutorial

Start Dates - 2016*

Jan 4, Feb 1, Feb 29, Mar 28, Apr 25, May 24, Jun 20, Jul 18, Aug 15, Sep 12, Oct 11, Nov 7, Dec 5

* Students whose practicum start falls in the month of December and early January can expect a few weeks delay to their practicum start date due to low business activities around Christmas and New years holiday.

2016 Fees

Registration Fee: $150
Service / Placement Fee: $825
Advanced Diploma in Business Administration with Practicum:
Tuition: $14280
Textbook Fees: $1250

All fees are in Canadian dollars.

What is the CIM?

The Canadian Institute of Management is Canada’s senior management association. As a non-profit organization, the Institute is dedicated to the enhancement of managerial skills and professional development.

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