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Business Programs

Andreas from Austria

Andreas started his career as a Junior Consultant for Public Clients at the Austria Wirtschaftsservice GmbH, in Vienna. A highlight was that he participated in several projects in co-operation with governmental agencies, dealing with international benchmarks and decision proposals analysis. He wanted a short-term international business education that would bring his business knowledge, such as financial management, strategic analysis, business law to international standards; and he wanted to improve my Business English skills:

I took courses with students from almost every continent. It was a unique experience to find out, if they are having completely different perspectives towards business and what major cultural differences can occur. The steady group work tasks in the courses made some differences apparent. This is for me a unique value for my professional future and dealing with international clients.

Sandra from Brazil

I have over 15 years of experience with multinational companies. I was with the Sao Paulo office of Deloitte before coming to Vancouver. She chose Greystone because she wanted an international experience:

The mix of international students gave me the opportunity to share values, beliefs, working and life experience, and culture with students from around the world. This offered some of the most valuable lessons. This experience makes me confident to be able to work anywhere. I got promoted to Administrative Supervisor from Administrative Senior Analyst once I came back.

Evelyn from Mexico

Evelyn Gonzalez came to Greystone College for a business career refresher after working for more than ten years with Telcel MR a leading cellular services provider in Mexico. As a Customer Service Supervisor, she was part of a leadership team that managed over 80 employees. This fast pace environment required multitasking and it prepared her well for her learning experience at Greystone College:

With the small classes, you get a great connection with the Instructors. I felt the affection of my teachers. I felt I was more than just a simple student. All of them are an important part of my Canadian adventure. They share more than their knowledge. They share their experience; they offer advice and suggestions about enjoying the city. The ways Greystone teachers and the support team give to their students is uncountable.

TESOL Programs

Justin from Canada

In 2011 Justin graduated from Simon Fraser University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English. Shortly after, he attended Greystone College to earn his TESOL Certification. He chose Greystone College because, “It has a lot of experience in TESOL certification and the staff is very knowledgeable and friendly. ‘ Justin is from New Westminster, BC, and is currently working as an ESL instructor for grade seven and eight students at Wenzhou Experimental Middle School in China. He’s having the time of his life, as he loves to travel and learn about other cultures and making new friends along the way. Because he had a undergraduate degree and a TESL Canada recognised course with practicum, he was eligible to apply for the best jobs around the world. In fact, he loves teaching so much, he’s enrolling in a post-graduate education program.

Anthony from Canada

The benefit for me is rather simple. It’s not just doing what it takes to complete the course but far more important it’s the rewards which are never recorded in any transcript or certificate. In essence it was the meeting with and sharing the course experience with the teaching staff and my fellow students, a wonderfully diverse group. It was a challenging course and for that I for one am grateful. If anything comes easy…..it’s not worth having.

Gui Hye (Sophie) from Canada

I have definitely learnt a lot over the past three months at Greystone College. I have been inspired to become a motivating and well-rounded teacher who teaches for all kinds of learners with a variety of activities that I have been introduced to while studying here. I have also learnt to become an open-hearted and understanding teacher.

Karolina from Czech Republic

The friendly atmosphere together with professionalism is only two of many strong points of this school. After finishing my course, I was able to find a qualified job as a language instructor in one of the language schools in Vancouver. I continue to be very grateful for all the knowledge and skills Greystone TESOL program has provided me with, as I use it on daily basis.

Kateryna from Canada

I highly recommend Greystone College’s TESOL 130 program to anyone interested in making a career change, following their passion for teaching or simply upgrading their certification to the requirements of TESL Canada.’

Marc from Canada

Greystone College student Marc from Canada talks about his learning experience in the TESOL Certificate program. Greystone Vancouver offers a TESL Canada accredited program that helped Marc retain his employment as an ESL teacher.

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Dimitri from Belgium

Greystone College student Dimitri shares his experiences in the TESOL Diploma Program. Watch him learning and teaching in Vancouver as he interacts with people from different cultures. Listen to him speak about how the experience has enabled his personal and professional growth.

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Teaching Young Learners Program

Kana from Japan

In this practicum, I learned a lot of classroom English for children. It’s very useful because when I teach English in my country, they don’t know so many words, so I can explain clearly and simply.

Tourism Programs

Elena from Russia

My friends highly recommended Greystone College; they were very satisfied with the courses they took. In the future I would like to work in management at deluxe properties. The reason why I decided to attend College in a foreign country was to obtain international experience also, I find it very interesting to be able to meet people from all over the world and learn about their traditions and customs. I believe the training I’m receiving at Greystone College will help me reaching my career goals since I am learning lots of valuable things in class and I get a chance to see real-life examples of it when our class goes on field trips.