Business Programs (Vancouver)

Business Programs


  • Diplomas and Certificates recognized by the Canadian Institute of Management (CIM)
  • Gain the skills for effective business management and communication in an international environment
  • Program taught by industry professionals and qualified instructors

Greystone’s Business Programs give students the skills required to advance into management positions in their current careers, or to prepare them for future management positions in the international business world. Those who currently own, or are thinking of starting, a business will also benefit from Greystone’s business training programs.

Greystone’s business programs are built from various independent courses. Rather than studying multiple topics at the same time, you will tackle one business subject at a time and complete each course in four weeks’ time. This makes for easier knowledge acquisition and gives your education a sense of momentum that can be very satisfying.

What Is the Canadian Institute of Management?

The Canadian Institute of Management is Canada’s senior management association. As a non-profit organization, the Institute is dedicated to the enhancement of managerial skills and professional development.

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