Teaching Young Learners Preparation Certificate (TYLP)

Teaching Young Learners Preparation Certificate
  • Quality education at one of the top language schools of Canada in India, affiliated with regulatory educational bodies and known worldwide
  • 1 week of unique practicum that includes observation and practice teaching in day-cares, pre-schools, or elementary schools
  • Program designed by qualified and experienced experts in both ESL and public education for children, adolescents and adults

Program Description

If you are interested in working with children who are learning English as a second language, you need to have strong English skills yourself. You need to communicate with young ESL learners by using clear and correct English. It is also important to have the necessary teaching vocabulary to work with them. Greystone's TYL Program will help you achieve these goals. We help you improve your English skills and teaching vocabulary. We also give you the necessary confidence to work with children in English. We do this by focusing on interesting topics like how children develop and learn, as well as second language acquisition activities, games, crafts and songs that kids love. We also ensure that you do a number of presentations and provide you with a one week practicum in an Indian school or organization of your choice. Practice does make perfect!

*Note: The exam is held 1 week after the completion of the program.

Entry Requirements
  • Grade 12 graduation or GED, or mature student status
  • International students must demonstrate an advanced level of English with our online written test and arranged speaking interview (online written test may be waived if currently in an ILSC Intermediate 4 level or higher).
  • A university degree is recommended.
  • Native English speakers will have a preliminary grammar review quiz and interview.

*Note: The online written test is exempt if TOEFL 550, iBT 75, or IELTS 6.0 is presented. The online written test and the interview are exempt if ILSC’s TESOL TYL Diploma program is completed at ILSC Intermediate 4 Level.

Program Overview

Module 1
  • Introductions and Course Overview
  • Ice Breakers and Cooperative Learning
  • Topic Based and Authentic Learning
  • Second Language Teaching Tools
  • ESL Learner Levels
  • Giving Instructions
  • Peer Mini Presentation (giving instructions)
Module 2
  • Child Development
  • Teaching Methodologies for Children and Learning Styles
  • Unit Planning and Lesson Planning
  • Resources for ESL teaching
  • Teaching Vocabulary, Speaking and Listening
  • Music and Songs in the ESL Classroom -Peer Teaching
Module 3
  • Storytelling in the ESL Classroom
  • Teaching Reading and Writing
  • Error Correction, Assessment, Evaluation
  • Using ESL Games -Peer Teaching
Module 4
  • Teaching Phonics
  • Arts and Crafts in the ESL Classroom
  • Proactive Classroom Management and Positive Discipline
  • Practicum Preparation
  • Final Peer Presentation
  • Final Course Exam
Module 5
  • Practicum
Program Length

4 weeks (100 hours: 80 hours of classroom instruction + 20 hours of practicum)

Start Dates - 2017

Please contact ILSC–New Delhi for start dates.


Students will observe 10 or more hours of ESL classes, will spend time with a mentor teacher, and will teach their own class for at least 10 hours as their final practicum, under the supervision of a sponsor teacher.

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