TESOL 130 Certificate (Vancouver)

TESOL 130 Certificate Vancouver

TESOL - Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages

  • 130 hour program
  • One month full-time or 12 weeks part-time evenings
  • Full “real” practicum arranged in Language School
  • Recognized by TESL Canada as Professional Standard 1

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Program Description

The objective of this teacher training program is to provide the hands on experience, theory and training to enable participants to become qualified ESL/EFL teachers. New teachers may teach in Canada or overseas.

This program is recognized by TESL Canada. Students who successfully complete this program and have a degree may apply for TESL Canada’s Professional Standard Level One certification.*

Note*: To be able to apply for TESL Canada certification, students must meet the education (BA or equivalent) and language requirements (iBT 101, IELTS 7) as specified by TESL Canada. www.tesl.ca.

Entry Requirements
  • Native English speaker or high advanced English level
  • Recommend undergraduate degree plus some teaching experience
  • Minimum 1 year university

Program Overview

Module A: Methodology for Teaching Speaking, Listening, and Pronunciation, Linguistics, Pedagogical Theory, Material Analysis and Development

Module B: Methodology for Teaching Grammar, Reading, and Writing, Second Language Acquisition, Feedback and Error Correction

Module C: Methodology for teaching Vocabulary and Integrated Skills, Teaching Children, Unit Planning and Curriculum Development, Testing, Evaluation and Assessment

All modules will include Classroom Management, Lesson Planning, Teacher Discourse, Intercultural Awareness and Communication, Professional Conduct and Development.


Applicants will have opportunities to observe classes in language schools, practice teaching with their peers, and finally teach their own classes with real students under the supervision of a sponsor teacher. Feedback will be given by both the sponsor teacher and the practicum supervisor.

Program Length

12 weeks part-time evenings (3 hours X 3 nights/week) or 1 month full time. Teaching practicum arranged after program on an individual basis. Practicum length: 3-6 weeks.

Start Dates - 2017

Please contact Greystone College for dates

For more information please contact : Greystone College Vancouver.

What is TESL Canada?

TESL CANADA (Teaching English as a Second Language in Canada) is a national organization dedicated to advancing communication and coordinating awareness of issues for those concerned with English as a second language and English skills development. The organization promotes advocacy for ESL learners, unifies teachers and learners by providing a forum and network capabilities, supports the sharing of knowledge and experiences across Canada, and represents diverse needs and interests in TESL nationally and internationally.
Learn more: TESL Canada Website

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