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Visa Information - Canada

The following is general information. Visa regulations are determined by a department of the Canadian government called Immigration Canada and are subject to change. Please verify Visa information with the nearest Canadian Embassy or Consulate.

Visitor's Visa

International students who wish to study in Canada for up to 6 months may need a Visitor's visa depending on the country for which they hold a passport. To see if this applies to you, please check the list of Countries and Territories Whose Citizens Require Visas in order to enter Canada as Visitors: Countries and Territories Whose Citizens Require Visas

Study Permit

Students do not need a "Study Permit" for study programs that last 6 months or less.

If you plan to study in Canada for longer than 6 months, you must obtain a Study Permit. These are available through your local Canadian Visa Office.

Students may apply for a Study Permit even if they are going to study for 6 months or less. If students are coming for less than 6 months and are thinking of possibly extending their studies to more than 6 months, they should apply for a Study Permit in their home country. Students can extend their Study Permit from within Canada, but they cannot get a Study Permit from within Canada.

Students will need to include the DLI* number for their chosen Greystone College location when applying for their study permit:
Greystone College Vancouver DLI: O19352522932
Greystone College Toronto DLI: O19376982302

*DLI: Designated Learning Institution

Work Permit

For Volunteer Work Experience Programs (VWE) of less than 6 months in total, students are not required to obtain a Work Permit or Study Permit.

For Volunteer Work Experience Programs (VWE) lasting more than 6 months in total, students are required to obtain a Study Permit before entering Canada. A Work Permit is not required.


Tourist Visa

Students who plan to study for less than 6* months will require a tourist visa. Tourist visas are valid for single entry only and cannot be extended. Once you leave the country you must wait 2 months before you can reapply and you cannot extend your tourist visa in India or in a neighbouring country.

Study Permit

Students who intend to study in India for more than 6 months will require a Study Permit. Study Permits allow multiple entries, and are issued for the duration of your study, as per your letter of acceptance. You will also need to register with the FRRO (Foreign Regional Registration Office) within 10 days of arrival.

*The length of the tourist visa may vary depending on your country of origin. Please check with your local Indian Consulate/Embassy for current information, and to apply for visas.