Learn the fundamentals of effective marketing planning and strategy. Explore current trends and challenges and future opportunities in international business, and prepare for work in international companies.


  • Learn about international business trends, the impact of culture on business and more
  • Explore the marketing mix, consumer relationships, and marketing planning
  • Learn from business industry experts with recent experience in international business and trade
  • Develop skills to make you globally employable in a fast 8-week program



Program Length


8 weeks


Start Dates


May 25, Nov 8

Program Courses

This course introduces students to globalization and to the value-adding activities of businesses in the current global economy. We discuss the impact of national cultures on doing business globally. In addition, we examine the external forces that impact businesses, international organizations, legal and labor forces in the global context. The course touches on strategic alliances and the impact of rapid environmental changes on strategic planning for international business.


This course is designed to provide students with an introduction to marketing concepts and terminology. It examines the importance of marketing within organizations and society in general. Students will study the major components of a marketing plan, the marketing mix and consumer relationships. They will learn how to address the basic needs of companies in planning, developing, and managing products, distribution channels, promotion and pricing.