As a global educator, we recognize our responsibility to give back to the world we all share and support a variety of projects to help achieve our CSR Mission:


To positively contribute to the sustainable growth & development of people & communities, at the school, locally, and around the world

Every new registration = $1
donated to "Learn to Earn" Program in India


As part of ILSC’s mission to provide transformation living and learning experiences to students around the world, we’re thrilled to introduce a new global initiative, entitled #ILSCGIVES. For every registration ILSC and Greystone College receive, we will donate $1 per registration to the Learn to Earn (LTE) program which provides scholarships to disadvantaged women in India.

Help us raise $36,000 to support 30 Learn to Earn students in 2019! Be sure to follow the #ILSCGIVES hashtag on Instagram to stay up to date with all of ILSC’s CSR initiatives!

Our CSR Focus Areas


Fundraising & Awareness-raising

Greystone College is involved in various initiatives throughout the year to help raise awareness, money and goods for both local and global causes. 

Locally, Greystone College Vancouver raises money and accepts donations of clothing and food for Covenant House, a local organization that provides shelter and services to street involved youth. 

Globally, Greystone has fundraised for Room to Read, an organization that focusses on increasing literacy and gender equality in education around the world. Greystone is also currently looking at establishing ongoing cooperation with Room to Read through their Graduate to Graduate program.


Learn to Earn Program at Greystone College / ILSC-New Delhi

Learn to Earn is an educational sponsorship program that provides language and job skills training to disadvantaged young women and girls in India. Greystone raises funds and reaches out to business partners to secure funding for this life-changing program that provides participants with transferable skills to expand their economic opportunities.

Learn to Earn Program


Environmental Stewardship

Greystone College works hard to educate students on environmental stewardship during Earth Month, and year round.  The college also facilitates waste reduction through smart campus design choices that encourage effective recycling and composting among the student body.  A new initiative to move from printed textbooks to tablets is set to further reduce waste and help students go paperless.


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