Build solid skills in web management and design that will enable you to make strategic decisions to target and reach users and provide excellent digital experiences.

  • Learn how to adapt content for the responsive web and make design choices that work well across different devices.
  • Build skills to support strategic website planning and development, considering content marketing, audience targeting, SEO, and analytics to achieve website goals.
  • Create a fully functional WordPress website to practise and showcase the skills you learn throughout the course.
  • Explore website security, asset security and cloud and data security.



Program Length


Evening 48 weeks


Evening 88 weeks

Note: Schedules will be adjusted in December to accommodate public holidays. Contact us for more information.

Start Dates


Feb 15, Apr 12, Jun 7, Aug 2,
Sep 27, Nov 22


Note: PTIB approval pending for the Vancouver program


Program Courses

This course deals with the importance of customer expectations and how CRM influences customer experiences. It identifies how customers’ experience and perception of an organization can be beneficial or detrimental to its success. In this course of study students will gain objective knowledge about what positively and negatively affects customers’ experience.


Digital Marketing Fundamentals- Branding lays the groundwork for students to understand the key components of brand identity, how to create Unique Selling Proposition (USP) and why it is important.


Digital Marketing Fundamentals lays the groundwork for students to understand how online and offline marketing methods work together to deliver results. Students will learn the terms and concepts used in the industry and how they are applied in practical situations.


In this course students will learn strategies and techniques to establish and implement a personal professional development plan to strive for efficiency and effectiveness in business. Students will reflect on their personal Self-Awareness through assessing their values, strengths and weaknesses as well as their vision in life. This will also help students set meaningful life and career goals, align with their goals more effectively and understand oneself in relation to others.


Moving beyond basic keywords and PPC marketing, SEO takes a deeper look into what businesses need to do to get their content in front of their target audience. This course an international view on the subject covering much more than Google, incorporating SEO strategies across multiple platforms and geographic regions. It includes keywords, linking, backlinking and strategies to get onsite and offsite SEO working.


Students will examine aspects of website security, asset security, and cloud and data security. Students will become familiar with various business and geographic listings options available and how they can be utilized as online marketing tools. Students will become familiar with CRM and loyalty cards and apps. Students will become familiar with eCommerce. Students will be able to identify why content marketing is important. Students will be able to transmit content marketing messages through various channels.


Website design is undergoing a radical change in how sites are built and how they’re viewed. With a need to be viewable on everything from large screens to the smallest phones, newer methods to deliver and display increasingly complex sites have been created. The increased complexity is being handled with website templates and HTML5 programming. Students will gain an understanding of these changes and how digital marketing professionals are adapting. They also will be able to use templates and WordPress to build a fully functional website that showcases their talent.


This course is delivered in two parts. It prepares students for the Canadian workplace. This is a requirement for all students registered in a Co-op program. It prepares students for coop work placement as well as the job search and application processes.

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